Shaved Ice Cream

We have more than 30 delicious flavors of shave ice available in our shop. Shave ice originates from Hawaii and we ship our syrups from there in order to provide an authentic Hawaiian experience. Our expansive menu has every flavor you can think of, so you can walk away with a cold and delicious treat no matter your preference.

Ice Cream

We offer ice cream in many forms, such as shakes, sundaes, and ice cream cakes. Our ice cream comes in large and regular sizes and we have a variety of flavors, including mocha and mint. Our shakes come with a choice of toppings like caramel syrup, hot fudge, rainbow sprinkles, and Oreos. Sundae flavors include kiddie classic, turtle, and hot fudge.

Vegan Options

We understand that many people cannot consume dairy products for dietary or personal reasons. We provide a selection of vegan ice cream options so everyone can have a cold and delicious treat.